About DJI

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The Company

At DJI, we believe market research generates informed business decisions. Working together with our clients, we turn qualitative research insights into actionable marketing strategy and tactics.

What We Offer:

  1. Clients hire DJI because we’re small and devoted exclusively to “Qual”. That means we can be more attentive to client needs, flexible, creative and passionate about qualitative research
  2. Clients benefit from insights, results and action items that are based on actual experience in real-world marketing decision-making and business strategy
  3. Our knowledge and perspective, gained from completing literally thousands of groups and one-on-one interviews across major industry sectors, is brought to every project we complete, plus all projects get hands-on attention from start to finish
  4. No matter what your research objective, we find the right methodology, and design a discussion guide that reflects the latest thinking in consumer psychology, marketing strategy and qualitative research techniques
  5. Performance suggests we’re good at what we do. Fortune 500 clients keep coming back to us for years, often decades, because we consistently deliver results that help them make smart, well-informed business decisions
  6. Our seamless execution of projects from start to finish means you don’t have to worry about the details. We help clients focus on what’s most important…delivering actionable insights that drive business success