Mobile Market Research

by DJI

Maximizing Effectiveness of Mobile Research

As more and more people switch away from desktops to mobile devices, mobile market research is morphing from an opportunity to an obligation. But not all approaches are created equally when it comes to mobile market research, as Jeff Harrelson points out in a recent Quirks article.

There are many choices available for doing mobile research, each with advantages and disadvantages. Before you commit, consider how well the platform answers the demands of the research objectives, the target audience, and the kind of data you need to collect.

An innovation in its day...

Technology works well when it's familiar to us

Jeff offers “5 Questions You Should Ask Before Launching Your Next Mobile Survey” in his article, and the questions are smart ones. We might also add:

  • Does it work equally well on a range of mobile devices, or is it better suited just to one?
  • Does the provider offer technical support for participants prior to and throughout the survey, including evenings and weekends?
  • Can the provider offer specific recruiting questions that will ensure participants are sufficiently comfortable with their phone and its functionality to participate?
  • What types of analysis tools are offered by the provider to help moderators and clients sort through a high volume of verbal and/or text message data?

When conducting mobile research, careful planning and vigilant monitoring is critical to ensure a flawless execution.

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